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Fri, June 12, 2020

We at inMusic stand committed to aggressively fight racism, promote justice, and help eliminate police brutality. Black lives matter, and we stand united with our communities in creating positive change. We have taken the recent days to gather our collective voice and plan our long-term commitment to create lasting change, both inside and outside the walls of our company. We will be focusing our efforts to help achieve true societal equality in three main areas:

1.   Internal Commitment – we have convened an internal council made up of diverse perspectives to guide our company’s decisions and actions in order to keep this topic top of mind, and make sure that we put our beliefs into effective action.

2.   Supporting Education – we will be working in partnership with educational institutions to provide support and equipment to help give access and opportunity to those communities who need it most.

3.   Community Outreach – we will be putting our resources behind organizations in our community that are committed to the ideal that all are created equal. We’ll contribute through corporate giving and employee volunteer programs to support groups like the NAACP.

Together, we can make a difference and bring these unacceptable injustices to an end.