inMusic Opening

Quality Assurance Tester (Cumberland, RI)

Fri, October 30, 2020

Are you a Music lover? Are you a DJ or a musician? Perhaps you're the technical musician who has a keen eye for detail and loves to understand how the instruments you use work. If this sounds like you then join our Quality Assurance team.

We are hiring for a Quality Assurance Testers. A day in the life for a Quality Assurance Tester entails testing and troubleshooting electronic musical equipment like keyboards, and Bluetooth speakers before products are sold to our customers.

What Our Quality Assurance Testers Do Everyday:

  • Inspect and test a wide variety of hardware, firmware, and software
  • Verify that equipment is working correctly
  • Document defects, using a bug tracking system
  • Write inspection reports describing testing results

Types of Equipment We Test:

  • DJ Gear
  • Speakers
  • MIDI controllers
  • Auto interfaces and mixers


Required Education and Experience:

  • 1+ year of work history in a technical field or related field
  • Technically minded individuals who have a basic understanding of MIDI
  • Team-oriented and goal-driven individuals
  • Clear and professional written and verbal communication skills
  • Computer savvy, with an up-to-date understanding of Windows-and Macintosh computer

Musicians who like to break equipment and put it back together is a nice to have


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