inMusic Opening

Electrical Engineer

Fri, October 09, 2020


inMusic Brands, the parent company to such brands as Denon-DJ, Akai Professional, M-Audio, and Rane is looking for a talented Electrical Engineer to join one of our engineering groups in Cumberland, RI or Mukilteo, WA. We are also willing to consider remote employment of extremely well qualified candidates with extensive experience developing pro-audio products. This Engineer will join a tight-knit, cohesive team to perform hands-on, new product design of pro-audio products for any of our exciting and innovative brands.


Essential Functions:

  • Schematic design of digital, analog, power, and embedded circuitry of pro-audio products
  • System architecture creation including block diagrams, power budgets, and board splits
  • PCB layout supervision and/or direct PCB layout
  • Electrical performance evaluation and troubleshooting of designed hardware
  • Direct interface with other disciplines including firmware and software engineering, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and executive management.


  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical or Computer Engineering (BSEE or BSCE)
  • Experience: 3+ years relevant
  • Direct design experience in the following areas:
    • MCUs, DSPs, or SoCs as part of multi-processor systems utilizing various memory types and connectivity standards (e.g. DDR, Flash, SDIO, I2C, SPI, USB, I2S)
    • Mixed-signal PCBs involving both high-speed digital and sensitive analog circuitry
    • Low-voltage power design at the board level
    • Analog signal processing circuits (e.g. filters, peak-detectors, EQs)
    • Design for EMC and ESD compliance
  • Exceptional troubleshooting, communication, and multitasking skills
  • Proficiency with common lab tools - oscilloscopes, power supplies, SMT soldering


  • Firmware design experience writing in C for MCUs or DSPs at multiple levels: hardware drivers for on-chip peripherals, protocol stacks, library integration, signal processing, and UI
  • Prior professional design experience with: audio circuits, HDL design, Altium
  • Musical background


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