inMusic Opening

Electrical Engineer (Cumberland, RI)

Wed, November 27, 2019


inMusic Brands, the parent company to such brands as Denon-DJ, Akai Professional, M-Audio, and Rane is looking for a talented Electrical Engineer to join our engineering team in Cumberland, RI. This Engineer will join a tight-knit, cohesive team to perform hands-on, new product design of pro-audio products for any of our exciting and innovative brands.


  • Schematic design of digital, analog, power, and embedded circuitry of pro-audio products
  • System architecture creation including block diagrams, power budgets, and board splits
  • PCB layout supervision and/or direct PCB layout
  • Electrical performance evaluation and troubleshooting of designed hardware
  • Direct interface with other disciplines including firmware and software engineering, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and executive management.


  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical or Computer Engineering (BSEE or BSCE)
  • Experience: 5+ years relevant
  • Direct design experience in the following areas:
    • MCUs, DSPs, or SoCs as part of multi-processor systems utilizing various memory types and connectivity standards (e.g. DDR, Flash, SDIO, I2C, SPI, USB, I2S)
    • Mixed-signal PCBs involving both high-speed digital and sensitive analog circuitry
    • Low-voltage power design at the board level
    • Analog signal processing circuits (e.g. filters, peak-detectors, EQs)
    • Design for EMC and ESD compliance
  • Exceptional troubleshooting, communication, and multitasking skills
  • Proficiency with common lab tools - oscilloscopes, power supplies, SMT soldering


  • Firmware design experience writing in C for MCUs or DSPs at multiple levels: hardware drivers for on-chip peripherals, protocol stacks, library integration, signal processing, and UI
  • Prior professional design experience with: audio circuits, HDL design, Altium
  • Musical background

Please review requirements carefully and submit resumes directly to